Providing Breast Cancer Support

to Newly Diagnosed Chemotherapy Patients in California

First Hand Knowledge Put to Good Use

When Kim Carew went to her first chemotherapy session after being diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, she didn’t know what it would be like. No one had told her it would be so cold in the chemo room. She didn’t expect to be so thirsty. And, while she had heard all about the nausea, she hadn’t prepared for the hours with nothing to do but think.


That’s why, after beating breast cancer, she decided to put that first-hand knowledge to good use. She founded Peace Love Tote, a California-based, breast cancer support non-profit that provides first-time breast cancer chemotherapy patients living in California with the necessities they need to get through their treatments in as much comfort as possible.


Peace Love Tote’s team of volunteer breast cancer survivors deliver tote bags filled with support items including a blanket, water sipper, book, magazine, and more to newly diagnosed breast cancer chemotherapy patients living in California. In addition to the practical items in the totes, Peace Love Tote volunteers also offer empathy, kinship, and the kind of inspiration that only women who have experienced a breast cancer diagnosis can provide.

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The Peace Love Tote Mission

We exist to empower women facing a breast cancer diagnosis with the gift of understanding and empathy and to support these women with practical, helpful comfort items to be used during their chemotherapy treatments.

Kim Carew, Peace Love Tote founder

About Peace Love Tote Founder, Kim Carew

Kim Carew is a wife, mother of two children, and middle school English teacher for the past 18 years. She is also a fighter, a survivor, and an inspiration to all who know her, having beaten triple-negative breast cancer with full remission in 2015.


The breast cancer experience has made Kim a dedicated supporter of all women who are confronted with a breast cancer diagnosis, and she is dedicated to empowering them with both practical and inspirational support as they begin the fight. Her first-hand understanding makes her uniquely capable of operating an organization committed to giving women comfort in – what is for many – one of the most difficult challenges of their lives.


About Marty Carew, Director of Development

As director of development, Marty Carew manages the business, planning, and management of fundraising efforts and events for Peace Love Tote. As the husband of Peace Love Tote founder, Kim Carew, Marty is dedicated to the organization’s effort, having supported his wife as she battled triple-negative breast cancer.


Marty is currently the vice president of sales at Walters Wholesale Electric. Marty’s qualifications in the business world, combined with his experience as an individual whose loved one was directly impacted by breast cancer, make him uniquely qualified to lead the business and development efforts of this organization.


About Joe Lambert, Board of Directors

Joe Lambert is a loving husband who has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years. Joe has a passion for providing support to those in his community and has always been committed to helping others. That passion was heightened following his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis. He became her biggest supporter and advocate. His commitment to continuing that support remains today and is displayed through his work on the Board of Peace Love Tote. It is his privilege to do this work in her honor.

Words cannot express the appreciation that I have for Kim Carew! Having two girlfriends over the past two years diagnosed with breast cancer, I immediately contacted Kim knowing that she would not only be quick to offer her support but that she would most assuredly follow through on that offer. My two friends are forever grateful for having been connected and linked to Kim. She provided them with phone calls, in-person meetings, and most importantly, a tote filled with the appropriate supplies and books to comfort them. For women struggling with cancer, it is a blessing to have the support of an individual like Kim Carew. She is a rare find in this day and age. Thanks!    – Laurie

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