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Peace Love Tote

Peace Love Tote is a California-based non-profit 501c3 foundation created to provide support to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Our team of volunteer breast cancer survivors deliver chemo-support tote bags to patients throughout California and provide moral support in a way that only breast cancer survivors can.

Our Mission
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To provide comfort and support during a confusing and frightening time.

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To empower and inspire women who are grappling with a new cancer diagnosis.

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To deliver care packages to women in California undergoing chemotherapy.

Request a Tote
Do you have a friend or loved one living in California who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer? Let us bring some comfort into her life with a Peace Love Tote. We currently hand-deliver Peace Love Tote bags to select cancer centers in Southern California and ship them to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in California. Click through to find out more…

This was my first encounter with someone who had been through what I was about to endure…and a stranger! It was EXACTLY what I didn’t even know I needed…a lifeline to give me hope for my uncertain future. The most perfect gift, from the heart of a survivor. My inspiration to fight! My inspiration to pay it forward. My inspiration to spread the love and support to everyone fighting this battle.      – Pam P.

Empowering and Supporting Women with Breast Cancer – One Tote at a Time.

We are survivors. We have been there. We know what that first chemo session is like.

Peace Love Tote support bags are filled with items that founder Kim Carew wishes she had during that first long chemo session. After being diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, Kim had a long battle ahead of her. She had been prepared for feeling nauseated and possibly losing her hair. She had been given the statistics and prognosis. What she didn’t know was how cold it was going to be in that chemo room. She sat through the hours of her first chemo round shivering, wishing someone would have told her what to expect in more practical terms.

After beating breast cancer, Kim was inspired by her experience to provide women dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis with the necessities she wishes she had on that first day.

Find out more about Kim and the Peace Love Tote mission.

Thank you note from Kim Carew

What’s in the Tote?

  • A Cozy Blanket
  • A Reusable Water Cup
  • A Pair of Warm Socks
  • An Inspirational Book
  • A Coloring Book and Markers
  • A Personal Journal and Pen
  • Magazines and Puzzles
  • Snacks and Gum
  • Lip Balm and Other Comfort Items

Let’s Get the Word Out!

Join Us in Spreading a Message of Empowerment and Love for Women with Breast Cancer.